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Welcome to Wool on Wellington, specializing in luxurious hand-knitting yarns and hand-painted needlepoint canvases.

Created 20 years ago as Gwin Gryffon Winery, the company has evolved to now focus on premium knitting yarns and custom painted needlepoint canvases.  The attention given to each of these traditonal hand-crafted arts is what stands Wool on Wellington apart.  Each project is unique, every client is special and our goal is to ensure that the materials and support we provide guarantee complete success.

Because of the highly specialized nature of the needlepoint market, we do not carry complete lines of any one supplier, though we usually have a fair representation of each at the shop.  Our custom work is all done by Geoff Smith and a limited selection of his work is shown on the following pages.  Beyond this, we are able to fill most requests quickly and efficiently.  Hopefully a visit to the shop will offer you a wider view of the glorious world of needlepoint.

Our hand-knitting strengths are measured by colour, designer capablity and  product diversity.  By tying designer patterns to specific manufacturers' yarns, clients can be assured of success no matter how intricate their project might be.  And, taking us all back to the essentials of knitting is our friend and mentor Grace Clare, a shepherdess extraordinaire!  From her tiny flock we can offer the very finest undyed, hand-spun yarn in the country.  The quantities are limited of course to all that 18 sheep can produce but by any measure their wool is heavenly.  And only a visit will to the shop can justify that!  We do hope that you will be able to visit soon.


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